Two Lost Dogs — Zanzibar Crisis Hotline

Coping mechanisms. Wife once mentioned I use music as a way to focus my mind, a hyper-focus of sorts, in an effort to organize my day. It’s always been an obsession, something I’m never content with and always striving to experience a beat, a synth, a solo, a voice. Do I love it or do I need it?

So why not share whatever it is that I have? Desire? Knowledge? Taste? Or compulsion? I want you to feel what I feel on each track, no need to hold it in for single consumption.

Couple times a week I’ll provide content on subjects ranging from a deep dive into a track, daily drops, reviews, to a weekly playlist going live every Friday.

So, shall we begin?


Zanzibar Crisis Hotline is a daily drop of rising, unheralded or forgotten music. We’ll genre-jump, roll back the years, wet the lips of new music fiends and possibly get a bit weird. Expect a healthy dose of one song, or four, we’ll figure the rest out on the way. Whatever we do, throw out the foldable chair and grab some shades. No real reason, it just sounds nice.

Give each song a full 60 seconds before you decide to bail. Don’t quit early, cheater. No need for my own drivel, just listen to the song. Like, favorite, subscribe, follow, high-five if you dig it.


Midas.Gold — Work It Out

Phantoms — Pulling Me In

Imad Royal — M.I.A

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