How the Great Bob Taught me How to Nurture my Culture.

Listening to Bob earlier songs while sitting on my Grandma’s porch. The music would be coming from a nearby “Shop”. It was faint but every Jamaican knows every word of Bob Marley’s repretoire. Today I realize that he was teach me about the power and magic of stories. So now I tell stories for a living. I wrote a poem in reverence to Brother Bob….I hope you like it mon!

THE SEVEN SENSES — by Romance Planner Marcus.


The beauty in all it’s form

inside and out, see your lover

from head to tiny toes

view different angles and perspective

you will see something

new to love every time.


Her/His cooking, her/his favorite

bottle of wine or beer

her/his cookie made

from scratch………

her/his long wet kiss.


Each other in the morning,

noon, evening -

or night for that matter.

Touch your lover’s shoulders,

arms and hands and gently

massage them. Touch and

force yourself to remember.


Listen, really try to listen!


Do this if you’re missing

your lover, take a piece

of their clothing and

sleep with it. it works

for puppies and it will work

for you too.


Don’t lie!

if you mean it say it

if you don’t mean it

quickly say it.

Say thank you, please

forgive me, I am sorry

I want you and I love you.

And the Seventh Sense…..


Take the advice from

that small voice in the

background of your mind.

Allow your mind to remember

and let your Love come in from the cold.

Use all seven senses and you can’t go wrong.

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