Be adventurous Go Explore.

Kingston, Jamaica W.I.

You live where you live because there was something — a quaint village a stone throw away, sometimes it’s the man-made jungles, designed with dive bars, chic restaurants and boutique hotels.

Such a wonderful world; water falls, new to you beaches, virgin equatorial forests, Trails that go for miles and meandering rivers. Follow what calling you.

If that lifestyle speaks to you! Then go…explore. If it’s a surprise, shhhhh…

But, it’s just as good planning everything together. A few weekend trips might be just what you both need?


Take a few rudimental equipment, directions and reliable recommendations.

Tell us about it when you’ll get back!


1) Sign up for a 30 Days ‘island’ incursion.

2) Your mission is to seek to delight each other!

3) We’ll capture your stories and record your victories.