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Jamaican Starts Romance Company

This is the old Air Jamaica planes circa 1985 maybe.

my name is Mark Harvey. I make no claims to have the credentials to be starting a Romance Company. I am a Jamaican immigrant who went to college to study how to operate and run successful hotels, because in Jamaica that’s what we do.

Then I came to America.

My entrepreneurial journey begun when my friend Gustavo introduced me to a podcast, the host was full of himself but he was smart and had this desire to share the secrets of the tech startup world. He taugh us that wealth is not money; it’s knowledge. Then it’s up to you to use what you know to make a living. That guy’s name is Jason Calacanis. This guy @jason on Twitter, inspired me to try and change the world by starting something relevant, his podcast is called This Week In Startup. I still listen today, and he’s gotten so much better, not as obnoxious. You should listen too.

How I Meet My Co-founder

It was all unexpected, a passionate Jamaican boy Mark, meets Aldania a 1st. Generation LatinX, with roots in the Dominican Republic, over the World Wide Web. The year was 2003 and the city — Orlando Florida, home of Mr. Mickey & Mrs. Minnie Mouse since 1928!

On their first date, Mark asked Aldania to meet him at work…(the boy worked at a hotel!) This was “back in the days” when online dating felt so risque’. Overtime, Mark and Aldania fell deeply in Love. They got engaged and the wedding quickly followed. Today they’re raising a family, still in beautiful Orlando Florida.


In 2003 Aldania, had just started her astute career at her alma mater and Orlando’s most decorated higher educational institution, Full Sail University.

A Little About Me

I’ve worked for 16 years managing some of the hardest working people in the United States. I was an assistant housekeeping manager at the Gaylord Palms, then I worked for Starwood and Hilton Hotels. I even had a stint where I was inspecting hotels across the US. Then I went into Sales. I worked for a company that keeps hotels and restaurants supplied with what they needed. My last full time job was as a Territory Development Manager for an Orlando based Corporate Social Responsibility company called Clean the World.

Why We Started Two On An Island

My wife Aldania and I simply want to inspire and support tomorrow’s couples.

May God bless your love.



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Hi I’m Mark Harvey I own a Romance Company…our purpose? mostly to tell love stories.🌴