#ChallengeEXPLORE: Urge your partner to take you back home.

The breathtaking view from Empire State Building. This was her first time since going as a part of a 3rd grade class.

Hiking Bear Hill in upstate NY. I’ve never seem such a variety of wild flowers, I just wanted her to have some.

This year for our annual vacation, I took my beautiful wife Aldania back to her roots — growing up as a city girl in NYC. I added a dimension to this trip that really worked out well. We went hiking in the mountain of upstate NY, pass Poughkeepsie to a quaint sleepy village called Bear Hill. You would never imagine that about 1 hour and a few minutes north of the splendor of NY City, one can find forests. This was mature forests and mountains with rocks made of bluish, gray minerals. There were wild flowers everywhere like puffs of happiness on a uniformed green nation.

I took every chance to smotch with her, and admired her form in work out cloths. I really like her with no make-up, she’s really beautiful like that I wish she’d know that.

No trip to NY would be complete without staying a few days in the heart of the city, Manhattan. Even better we got an Airbnb in Harlem, and it was nice.

It takes us around 7 minutes from the subway at 138th street right in front of the Harlem hospital to our Airbnb pad. Coming home at nights, this was so welcoming. NY has never felt so safe. We were spending all day riding on the city tour bus and the (very clean) subway trains, walking blocks after blocks to retrace her steps as a young lady. We ate in Little Italy and stuffed down slices of pizza on 42nd Street. We had our list of signature NYC site to visit, we did good but we left some for the next visit.

On the last night in the city, while riding on the subway, I could tell she was quietly thinking about her past, when she was young and single… I could tell she was happy to be all grown.

Go to Little Italy NYC to get really authentic Italian food, We’ve never been to Italy but this sure feels like Italy.
the view from the top is humbling but when we looked up from street level it felt as if we accomplished something.