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The Two On An Island Mission is to cause the World to fall deeply in Love. We support couples from Dating to Wedding and on to a lifetime of Romance. We believe that if good Lovers could aspire to be great Lovers, imagine what great Lovers could become!

ColorRun, Orlando 2017

We are the Harvey’s wishing you a warm welcome! If you are serious about working on your relationship, this is exactly what you needed.


Two On An Island presents Romance -Sweet & Simple. Our mission revolves around the preservation of Passion. Romance is a unique human trait that’s complicated and amazing at the same time.


Two On An Island challenges you to keep building your romantic agility. This is perhaps the most delightful way to balance Romance with a busy life!


These seven Seductions are a pursuit of the attention of our partner, when you accept our FOOD CHALLENGE, you’re tasked with telling a story of how you tantalized your mate’s palette.


COCONUTS!!! We’ve created an experience designed for you to move each others emotion. Please feel free to Love with all your might and all your heart, and if it’s ok with both of you, share it with us. Then, at the end of the season we’ll celebrate at our Bonfire.


Two On An Island is meant to help you keep your Love fresh. We respect each others opinions and we hold privacy sacred. We welcome anyone striving to keep their Romance alive and well. Thank you for trusting us, we are working with Squarespace and other services to secure your privacy.

Be the best version of yourself.

As narrators of your Love story, Team Two On An Island will chronicle your progress throughout the Game. We call it Reverse Follow. The Romance Planners job is to guide you around the hardest parts of your quest.

Two On An Island, started in Orlando, Florida. Think of it as your nursery….a place to grow good Love.


  • HOME — your nest.
  • FOOD — focus on taste.
  • WELLNESS — better mind & bodies.
  • EXPLORE — discover together.
  • SPONTANEITY — be delightful.
  • PASSION — a deeper sensuality.
  • GIVING — treasures for life.
This is summerLOVE the Two On An Island Summer Event.
Summer 2020 Poster


A Seduction is a romance plan expertly executed, these are the legendary performances Love Stories are written about.


Your Love is your ISLAND.


An Islander is someone who has found Love and has decided to keep it.


THE Islanders who persist and complete the journey and all seven (7) Romance Challenges, earns the respect of their peers, get showered with gifts from the islands and claims the title of ISLAND WARRIORS.


In the Caribbean we traditionally throw a Jouvert / Bacchanal / Carnival / Crop-Over party at the end of every agricultural harvest. The TOAI team, in honoring our elders, have designed the perfect end of season party for our members.

We’re calling it The Bonfire.

“I am naturally a romantic at heart, but with TOAI, I see areas of improvement I can work on, to make my man even happier.”

Visit F.A.Q. 2 to get to know us even better.



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Hi I’m Mark Harvey I own a Romance Company…our purpose? mostly to tell love stories.🌴