When to Bite your Tongue!

You both are getting dressed for an occasion, she looks uncomfortable in the ensemble she’s wearing. Turning to you she asks “honey do I look fat in this dress?” you think she does, but instead you Bite Your Tongue!

You’re both relaxing at home in a good mood, you’re looking through your old photo albums. You silently reminisce about pass experiences as photo after photos of old girlfriends appear. She props up, look you in the eyes and inquires, “sweeties how many girls you’d say you’ve slept with before me?” Your mind raced pass 10 in a hurry and you feel like boasting, but instead you should Bite Your Tongue!

Your significant other borrows your phone to make a call and “innocently” noticed a strange female name appearing over and over again in your call log. She questions you about it, you want to react aggressively, you feel violated, you might want to enter a drawn out soliloquy in your defense. Instead you should calmly identify the mystery lady, always end in “associate of mine” and Bite Your Tongue!

Today you’re a champion in bed, you did everything possible to make her happy. You know she’s feeling the extra effort you delivered, apparent from the look on her face. You want that confirmation. WE ALL DO….we just need to know! Well did she climax or not. You start by saying honey did you….I suggest you change the question to, what else can I do to please you goddess of love? and as for the other question, Bite Your Tongue!

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