Making a Zine: Documenting process through photos

Doing what I do best… illustrating and writing
A basic 6 page zine layout
Sketching begins. Characters are created with rough, free pencil lines. The eraser is used minimally.
Surpanakha and Mira. Details are all for later.
Rough sketches done along with pagination. Also thinking about possible colors.
Planning a dummy zine. An essential step. Using InDesign and dummy text.
Then comes the coloring. Changes are made to the rough pencils at this point. Lines and shapes are refined.
The media used was water colours, pen and inks and color pencils.
Little details are added in color, like the flowers in her antlers.
While illustrating, one has to be open for intuitive changes. It sort of flows, much like the paint from the brushes.
Best to work in layers and build little details. It’s paint, wait and paint more.
Making the final layout. Adding final text. Testing prints for errors.
The rough dummy and color dummy being compared, while still reading everything one can lay one’s hands on
Prints on different papers. Testing for folds, cutting, scoring and folding
The Zine