I suppose this post is a bit late.

Hey There!

Welcome to Two Thousand Words, a Medium publication which houses a wide array of short stories and essays all below 2,000 words (fiction or non-fiction) from writers all around the world. The publication sheds light on the immensity and diversity of the human experience through stories.

We are not genre specific and publish most of the submissions sent to us.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, fiction or not, here’s how to submit. We would love to have you on board.

  • If you have a Medium profile, please send us the link to the story you want on the publication along with the link to your profile.
  • If you don’t have a Medium profile, please send us a Microsoft Word document to our e-mail along with a short biography, where people can contact you, and the image you want with your story. Header images are encouraged.
  • To those who do not have a Medium profile, it will be posted to the Two Thousand Words account — just remember to send in the details requested above.
  • You can contact us via athousandtimestwo@gmail.com or shoot us a message or tweet via Twitter @2TimesAThousand
  • We usually respond within a day or two and try to respond to everyone.

General Guidelines:

  • The stories we publish are generally in English, however, stories in other languages can be accepted as long as a good translation is provided
  • Please make sure that the article has not been published in another publication. If you have the permission of the editor/s of another publication to post it in another publication please attach the link to the story where it was originally published.
  • The maximum word count is strictly 2,000 words, but we are willing to make an exception if your story is extraordinary.
  • This is a publication for short stories and essays. Poetry submissions will not be entertained.
  • Please specify if a story is in fiction or non-fiction or if it is an essay.
  • The editors decide which stories get in or not. We accept most submissions so don’t worry.
  • Only submit one story at a time and don’t send the send the same story to another publication as to avoid confusion.
  • Attaching a header photo in your story is encouraged.
  • Please respect the time and decision of the editors, flooding us with e-mails will not help your story be published sooner. One or two is enough.
  • There is no limit to what you can write about but please do not send us any stories that are hateful, racist, sexist, discriminate or derogatory to a certain group or person, long political discourses, or long religious doctrines. Profanity and erotic tones may be allowed as long as they do not make up the bulk of your story.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated.
  • The editors may edit some typos or grammatical errors, but other than that, your words will stay the same.
  • Once you submit your story to the publication, we will not publish it immediately, but we will try to follow a posting schedule. Don’t worry about it, though, once it’s submitted, it’s almost certainly going to be posted.

For Essay Submissions:

  • The maximum word count is still 2,000 words but exceptions may be made.
  • You may write about any and all topics given that it does not violate any of the general guidelines.
  • Please specify if it is an essay or short story submission in your e-mail or write “An Essay” on the Medium article you wish to submit.
  • Essay submissions are given the choice to publish in Medium or in Blasting News. Contact us via e-mail so that we may walk you through.

For Blasting News

  • Blasting News is the second home to Two Thousand Words, here you will find an assortment of articles you would not normally find in Two Thousand Words on Medium. Here, the publication is open to essay submissions, listicles, and other kinds of content.
  • This arm of Two Thousand Words may also be monetized, details will be given once you contact us via e-mail.
  • The general guidelines still apply to articles published in Blasting News under the Two Thousand Words tag.
  • Any submissions should have not yet been published anywhere.
  • Please contact us at athousandtimestwo@gmail.com if you wish to collaborate.

And that’s pretty much it!

Happy Writing!

— The Two Thousand Words Team