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Henri Klein
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3 min readJan 25, 2023


We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who contributed their beautiful poetry to our volume’s poem competition. After much deliberation, we have chosen six that will be featured on the following pages. We thank you for your willingness to share your work and for your passion which can be clearly seen. — Henri ❤.

.1 At Dawn I Went Outside


I went outside and felt,

Raindrops falling down my face.

Light as a feather, soft as a cloud.

A refreshing moment to embrace.

At dawn, I went outside and saw,

A heavy and misty fog around.

Mysterious, ominous gloomy it was.

I closed my eyes and lifted from the ground.

At dawn, I went outside and heard,

Rustling leaves as I took a step.

Brown, dull, depressing it became.

But one day we’ll fall and then decay.

At dawn, I went outside and smelt,

Freshly cut grass, the refreshing scent.

I strolled through one path out of many,

Till nobody found me to be present.

.2 At Dawn I Went Outside


Memory is a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s Sweet Drink it after stir.

Memory is a box of jewelry.

It’s Fragile Handle it with care.

Memory is a steady ferry.

It’s Steady Takes us to faraway stars.

.3 Leaves have fallen

Emily Appleton

Leaves have fallen from their branches

Frost covering the lawn

Cobwebs collect icy droplets

Short days start with dawn

Winter clings to naked trees

Weak sun tries to burn the fog away

But the mist refuses to disappear

Short days are broken at midday

Robins are the most life outside

As everyone else hides from the squall

Snow drifts down slowly as

Short days end at nightfall

.4 Once I was A Seed

— Neel

Once I was a seed;

For miles, I was carried by the wind’s inexorable force,

But unlike my kin, my life had not ended as bird feed.

My once hard exterior, was soon shed, like the leaves of Autumn.

Once I was a seed;

Through countless winters, my innate yearning for survival prevailed.

Soon my trunk would stand tall as it is proud, (I am sure all would have agreed)

My branches: a home within a home for birds. My roots for worms.

Once I was a seed;

I had leaves — leaves of colours no paintbrush could do justice.

My buttress roots, prominently erect and of the utmost esteem

How tiresome it must have been to measure from my roots to my chutes.

Now, here I lie, rotting as no more than an unsightly seat for him

The smell of gasoline, plaguing the very air I once cleaned, for him.

Seeing me in a such a state, he likely doesn’t remember that.

Once, I was a seed.

.5 An epiphany of epiphany

— Neel

Here I sit bemused

Struggling for an epiphany of epiphanies

I must continue to write without clues

My eyes wander out of a window

Dreaming for a reason to procrastinate

Perhaps the dandelions which droop

Or the rain, which caused it to…

I must hurry, else I’ll be late

Perhaps I will find my spark in history

For many great eurekas have come from it you see.

Of course! Who else more fitting than Archimedes,

The Greek Jack of All trades who coined ‘Eureka’

An exclamation that can only be described as an epiphany

Regardless of if you have ‘found’ the solution to expose a silver crown

Or an idea for some poem

Epiphany will always be a feeling In a league of its own

.6 When I reflect

— Julius von Loeper

When I look back and reflect

On the memories I select

The good, the bad, the in between

Are what I have lived and seen

The lessons I’ve learned in life

Not just the thrive and strife

The people, the places, and all the things

Memories that will forever sing

The memories I cherish deep

And all that I have to keep

Those moments, once lost in time

Now remain in my heart and mind

Once, I was a seed.



Henri Klein
Two Zero One

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