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The Coffee Break Statement: Misusing Eclipse Che as local dev environment?

Since years I’m frustrated of nearly all available Java IDE’s — they are working fine for a few days and than something breaks or there are new “features” creating massive startup times or do require “re-indexing”. Do I need something like this? I just want to have code completion, a working search engine and hierarchy up and down…

But I get tools asking for new plugin installations every 3 minutes and restarts after adding a new maven library . Or they are doing “something” in the background wasting my time. Or they bring up compiler errors for working code because of silly configurations.

Don’t get me wrong — I do not want to blame (and name) them. All of them do have a working community and good features, but they are much to heavy for my requirements. I also looked into light-weight solutions but most of them directly failing with code completion…

Eclipse Che? Yes I thought this could solve my issue because the Kubernetes deployment must care about plugins and all of the other time-consuming stuff. Sure — I’m interested in usability, too.


Because of limitations I needed to use virtual box driver, but to be honest performance because of “company security” is unusable. Code completion took up to 10 seconds to show up… but it worked.

Linux VM:

Installation microk8s worked very well, but installation of Eclipse Che failed with various and always different error messages… shouldn’t I get consistent messages?


Yes — that would be the next try, as this is the intended usage I think it will work. But this is not my use case and so I’m still stuck with my Linux VM and IDE hopping for every use case… working on Windows host directly would be the very worst alternative.

Please give me Linux for my work computer!

That might not solve the IDE problem, but every around it :-)



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