MovieMonday Special: The Doctor Who World Tour — Mexico

“Why are the whovians the best fans? Well, because they know that there is always a chance to wake and find that there is a blue box in your backyard, with a mad man… a mad man with this face… that will tell you; Do you wanna come in an adventour?” — Peter Capaldi

I must tell you that Mexico City is a special audience. They are loud. They are allways giving all. And they are very enthusiastic about everything, so this was a really, really awesome adventure.

For me, this is the 3rd event that I’m covering in Mexico city this year, I've covered Game of Thrones — The Exhibition, The concert of Lindsey Stirling (you know, the amazing violinist from YouTube) and for the First Time, I was covering a event for TwoGamed. And it coulnd’t be a better scenario; The Doctor in México.


The event was programmed for 11am in the “Teatro Metropolitan”; a really beautiful scenario in the center of Mexico city. We arrived early to interact with fans to meet the people behind the scenario and of course… the red carpet. The bad news; there was no red carpet because the front of the theater doesn’t have enough space to have this interaction. Such a shame.

But it wasn't an impediment for the mexican fans, they are really, really into Doctor Who, the songs, the posters, the screams were all present. And then… a cyberman arrived… everybody got nuts, everybody wanted a photo, a selfie, adopt him, steal him… and The best was about to come.

Do you know who the Doctor Who’s tumblr staff is? Well the fans knew, and as soon as they saw the Mini-Tardis there was another round of crazyness… and thousands of photos, some of them are actually available at here is one of them:

There is a weeping angel in this photo, so please… Don’t Blink while watch it.

Inside the Theater

The scenario was impressive, with a really big screens, with a full-size TARDIS, mini-Daleks and the majestic of the Teatro Metropolitan as it was getting full of people the experience was getting better and better. I asked the boy next to me “Was it hard to get a ticket?” “Yes, But here I am” -He told me. And I agree, getting a ticket was extremely difficult, but the show was quite promising.

At 11 o’clock the host was introduced, it was @StiviDeTivi, a young and charismatic character that got a ton of activities to get the audience even more excited. And he confirmed it; Steven Moffat was in Mexico. He visited just 2 countries and Mexico was his choice. Mexico City did its magic again.

There were cosplays, gifts, experiences, opinions and even surveys for the best villain (Weeping angels were the winners) and best historical character for the show (William Shakespeare), but when the host told us that the episode “Deep Breath” was about to be showed, we all freeze. It was the first time that Peter Capaldi was the Doctor for a full episode.

The excitement grew, and grew; his performance was brilliant, the chemistry with Jenna Louise Coleman was wonderful and the plot was complex and magnificent. Moffat did it again. An Capaldi took us for surprise; he let iwas very clear with his acting. He is the Doctor.

We were still stunned for the episode when the moment arrived; Two new hosts were here and the announced Steven Moffat. He was on stage: Harry, arrogant and brilliant. Mexico showed the love for him, and he was as surprised as us; He is famous. He gave a really good impression in all of us. And he was very clear that Mexico was special for him. What a night for you Mexico.

Moffat showed a short clip with some of the best moments of Doctor Who, and the audience was really touched watching moments of Christopher Eccleston , David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Doctor. And then… a clip of the Doctor’s companions; Amy, Rose, Martha and Donna are the most remembered and were applauded because they left a mark in every whovian, and then Jenna Coleman took the stage.

She is smart, full of energy and extremely beautiful, she captivated the entire audience and made us laugh with her experiences as Clara. She and Moffat were leaving a really good impression among us, but still we were expectant for the main character. The Man that took the lead and converted himself in The Doctor. And he arrived; he got off the TARDIS clapping and cheering, full of excitment and happines.

Many questions were told for the delight of the fans but we were a little disappointed because there were no live questions; all the questions were selected from hundreds that were made on Facebook. Nevertheless, the experience was great and Peter Capaldi received a lot of applauses and more important: The fans approved him.

The funny part was when Peter (“Buenas Tardes, Soy el Doctor Misterio”)and Jenna(“Muchas Gracias , amigos”) spoke in Spanish and Moffat decided who did it better. His answer was hilarious “Ninguno” (Neither).

After the interaction and some special moments they took a picture with the audience; they took their Charro’s hats and immortalized this moment.

They promised to come back to Mexico; we don’t know if they will fulfill the promise; but if they do @TwoGamed will be there.

Do you wanna know something more about the show? Tell us! Use #DWWorldTourMX and contact us. Stay tuned because tomorrow we will give you a spoiler free review of “Deep Breath” the first full episode of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

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-TwoGamed crew.

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