Bitcoin is the solution to the global economic crisis

“The massive over-indebtedness and money-printing system that leads straight to the sixth mass extinction.” — Admir Tulic, a crypto enthusiast and investor, has likened bitcoin to a valuable cure for a global economic disease.

On his blog, he has stated that electronic money will continue to pioneer.

Bitcoin was a savior


So why is “unfolding tragedy”???

Debt is preventing new generations from making any meaningful investment into saving energy and social transition. Because of the thing he called as ‘Financial liberalism’ — It meaning humanity is in the throes of an ongoing tragedy which is getting worse as resources necessary to sustain our existence are running out. At the same time, global financial policymakers continue to act as though there is an unlimited supply of such resources at our disposal. The financial forces devastate our physical environment to cater to it (the financial liberalism).

Bitcoin and electronic money will be the solution to solving outstanding problems of public debt. It is unreasonable for a newly born child to shoulder a debt, which is due to weak government and policy. Why the consequences are on the shoulders of these new babies, the weakening of the centralized world, where power is concentrated on certain individuals.


To face up to the debts, government and private organizations made around the debt. This meaning is they get through natural resources and polluting the world to seek the ever-expanding economic growth that is only intended to feed the debt machine system.

The first mistake made was for banks through their power and role to print money out of debt to feed the economy if the government’s management system was too weak to lead. To the central bank print money out of control, large cash flow pushed into the economy led to SUPER INFLATION. It is also the reason and the reason for the government to increase its income through raising taxes to pay for the debt.

Another consequence of the public debt system is to maintain the current economic order — creating new debt that keeps people trapped inside public debt. In this context, according to Admir Tulic, only one solution and solution is Bitcoin.


bitcoin embodies all the qualities of the needed stable currency with the finite money supply. Its supply is capped at 21,000,000 tokens, and new tokens cannot be issued or created using a debt mechanism. In his view, refusing to participate in the current fiat-based financial system is not just a possibility but a necessity or a duty in service to a future where the planet is not enslaved to a debt-based money system.

In October 2016, the Janus Capital CEO Bill Gross echoed similar thoughts, stating that investors will eventually migrate toward bitcoin as central banks attempt to fight debt with more debt and print money at unprecedented rates.