After a month of great misery for the electronic money market, perhaps the hardest period seems to be over when the Bitcoin value, as well as the entire market, is showing signs of recovery. Bitcoin is trading above $ 4,000. Is this a sign of a return to the market?

And what is the reason for getting up again for bitcoin?

This article may show you 3 hits for you to know.

Nasdaq, the №2 stock market in the world, is planning to launch a futures contract for Bitcoin to trade on the stock exchange.

This announcement was made by Gabor Gurbacs, VanEck’s director of the consensus event in New York this week.

In a statement, he said that VanEck had partnered with Nasdaq to agree to list a future contract of electronic money under the revised 2.0.

This will lead to tremendous growth in electronic money, especially the capitalization of Bitcoin in 2019.

The world’s first electronic fund ETF, approved by the Swiss government, will begin trading on SIX, Europe’s fourth-largest trading platform with a market cap of over $ 1.6 trillion.

And an electronic money startup company is offering a fund that allows investors to fund large investments in Bitcoin, etherum and bitcoin cash.

Jay Clayton, the SEC’s president, emphasized Bitcoin’s ETF proposed by VanEck. The Vaneck Bitcoin ETF will use data from three of the largest OTC markets, Genesis Trading, Circle Trade and Cumberland, with the lowest volatility.

However, the vice president still has a doubt that whether the bitcoin able to alive again???

If Bitcoin ETF is accepted then the value of the market is completely out of manipulation.

Bitcoin is currently in the uptrend and with positive news, the value of Bitcoin is likely to maintain its current momentum.

Well … this may well be a good news as it can also be a cause for concern. Actually, what we need is a miracle and some people are trying to find a way out of the hole.
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