Good news and Good new advisor for TWOGAP — Mr. Naviin Kapoor.

“If the beginning is so bright, imagine the future” — The champion of blockchain technology- Naviin Kapoor — said that.

Naviin Kapoor — This is a well-known name in the crypto community.

He is the founder of The Times of Crypto, a blockchain consultant and a business transformation leader with more than eleven and half years of experience in project management and business analysis and more than 01 years of experience in ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/ shared ledger technology.

He is not only attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL & Professional Scrum Master Level 1, but Mr.Naviin Kapoor also is one of the top Blockchain ICO Consultant and Adviser in the world and have extensive knowledge of ICO Investment, Marketing, PR, Blockchain and ICO.

Naviin Kapoor has experience in participating in more than forty ICOs. He provides various services such as investor relations, articles and news publications, networking with ICO Investors, and Blockchain consultancy.

To have a chance work with him is the “big step” that any team who are work in the crypto community would appreciate to have. And Twogap Team just got this miracle and deeply thanks full to announce that this champion will be a part of Twogap as the advisor. Kapoor has served the crypto community over various digital transformation projects and providing consultation over Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and ICOs. Due to this perfect gift, Twogap would have a big opportunity to service the crypto community in the future.

Because this man has a strong knowledge of different consensus protocols (Casper, PoS, PoW, DPS etc.) and cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/private key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures. And also handle a big ICO website with huge rates. According to the research, Mr. Naviin Kapoor ranks on 48th position amongst the top Blockchain advisors on And that is the incredible thing for a person to make an impressive step in the crypto world but for Naviin is yes!.

Naviin Kapoor will be an important person when playing a role at advisor with Twogap. Not only to suggest the strategy but also to lead the all the process management procedures.

By his power and impressive in business transformation leader and Blockchain analyst and an incredible domain experience of working over distributed and shared ledger technologies. His deep insights over Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology has fetched him accolades in the crypto community.

To talk about Twogap, this team is a nice team with a perfect platform to develop and rescue the bonds world. With the Naviin’s Joining in Team as Advisor, Twogap is planning to launch the biggest ever campaign. Let’s a new era alive by this big chance by The champion Naviin Kapoor and Twogap, the crypto bond will be the first time that capital is raised from public investors through a legally valid bond issuance that uses blockchain from start to finish.

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