Twogap — CryptoBonds Platform-First Airdrop Campaign (7 days only)

Luong Hoang Anh
Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read


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How to Complete our Airdrop Process.
( You get 1000 TGT Tokens for each task completed)

Go to
Register an account and completed the process

Click Here for Video Guide :

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Press your ERC20 address and amount of TGT tokens
(1000 TGT Tokens)

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Join Twogap Telegram Group or Channel (1000 TGT Tokens)

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Follow Twogap Twitter (1000 TGT Tokens)

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Follow Twogap Facebook (1000 TGT Tokens)

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Subscribe to our email list to receive news and updates. (1000 TGT Tokens)

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Copy link and recommend to your friends (2000 TGT Tokens/ each user )

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1. When will the TGT tokens received be available for tranfer and exchange
- After we completed the ICO Campaign in October 2018

2. Any Airdrop Rules ?
- One person can register using one account, if it is found that multiple accounts belong to the same person are registered, all these accounts will be banned.

3. What is Twogap ?
- Twogap is the next generation of Crypto — Cryptobond Platform created based in the blockchain technology. Twogap’s ambition is to dominate the global Cryptobond market. This is a full potential market as Bond market size now is over $100 trillion.
Twogap project has been already funded and backed by Simon Cocking, Vlad Nikitin, Phillip Nunn, Amarpreet Singh and Nikolay Shkilev — Top 10 blockchain influencers rated on

4. What is TGT Tokens ?
- TGT is a new ERC20 smart contract token. The Tokens will be distributed to our community to unlock services and transactions on the Twogap platform. The Tokens are not security tokens, but are utility tokens. This token will be free to hold, trade, use in our community. The maximum 210 billion TGT tokens will be issued, distributed to:
• 33% for ICO
• 33% for Incentive mechanism
• 15% for R&D
• 15% for Team & Advisors
• 04% for Airdrop & Bounties

5. Airdrop Time ?

- The first Twogap Airdrop campaign will issue from 03/08/2018 to 10/08/2018 (7 days)

6. How to get free TGT tokens.

You need to complete 5 steps in address below to get free 1,000 TGT tokens on each task completed.
In addition, you will receive 2,000 TGT tokens on each user registered you refer. (Just following


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