TWOGAP got new advisor Kamal Mustafa

With a degree in Computer Science, Kamal has over 7+ experience as a Data Scientist and has worked on many projects in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining. 
He is currently associated with many promising ICOs as an adviser/consultant in team building, Marketing in the blockchain & Crypto space with 3+ successful ICOs to date. His passion for new technologies led him into the cryptocurrency world.

He has prime quality standards and he’s employed solely with high-level professionals. He is a proud member of the ICO bench team and he’s documented for his unbiased and freelance opinions. 
Also, the member of IMMO HIGH 1000 influencer in the global world. He has a knack for connecting with people and brings the best out of them. He played a stellar role in the last projects in the tech and marketing segment.

His expertise in blockchain technology combined with his data science background makes him a sought-after consultant for ICOs. He is driven by overcoming challenges in new and innovate ways.

He is also dedicated to providing potential investors with a thorough evaluation and opinion of a projects ability to have an ROI, market share and mass adoption. This analytics are done through both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and “deep research” form of due diligence.

He always excel at adapting to different situations and experiment with new strategies, tools, and channels. 
He is also extremely focused on any task he undertakes and committed to its success. He works well with a team and is a people’s person. Extremely interested in the IoT, FinTech, artificial intelligence, and potential of Blockchain Technology.

Always open to collaboration and strategy regarding bringing Pre-ICO and ICO projects worldwide recognition and visibility.

To have a chance work with him is the “big step” that any team who are work in the crypto community would appreciate to have.

And Twogap Team just got this miracle and deeply thanks full to announce that this big teacher will be a part of Twogap as the advisor. 
To talk about Twogap, this team is a nice team with a perfect platform to develop and rescue the bonds world. With the Kamal Mustafa’s Joining in Team as Advisor, Twogap is planning to launch the biggest ever campaign.

Let’s a new era alive by this big chance by the master Mustafa and Twogap, the crypto bond will be the first time that capital is raised from public investors through a legally valid bond issuance that uses blockchain from start to finish. 
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