Twogap is on the railway with BTC ALPHA

What is BTC-Alpha?

Like other trading platforms, BTC-Alpha is a trading platform for electronic trading and trading any coin.

The interface of the BTC-Alpha is simple and easy to use, new boards entering the cryptocurrency field will be easier.

The special feature of the BTC-Alpha trading platform is that you can use the USD to buy another coin instead of the USDT as trading platforms like Bittrex, Binance.

USD on BTC-Alpha you can load through 2 services that are Perfect Money and Advcash

Besides the BTC-Alpha trading platform is not the right-hand sidebar, making it easier to communicate with other people are trading on the floor.

The same position is a partner and the same function is to promote the cooperation process. Twogap and BTC — ALPHA are the founders of the virtual money revolution.

What is Twogap? This is probably not a very strange question for the crypto community, because Twogap is now preparing to move to ICO floor is expected in January next year. However, many fans expect that it will be faster than expected because of the speed of cooperation with the company constantly updated. Not in cooperation with Bitbay, Bitforex or ICObliss… now there is cooperation with BTC-ALPHA.

I do not want to talk too much, but actually speaking in a more abstract way, feng shui is very beautiful with Twogap … Heavenly people are good.

Congratulations to Twogap for the opportunity to cooperate with APLHA BTC.


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