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Dec 13, 2018 · 5 min read

Serie 7 — Twogap White Paper quote

Why we are here ?

Because Crypto Market being caught in the Middle-Volume Trap.

How it will be solved ?

Need to add more the mainstream investment product as bond, the stock, goods into Crypto Market.

Need to address conflicting between Compliance with Liquidity to expand Liquidity of Crypto Market.

Need to extract capital line from the Traditional Security Market into Crypto Market.

What is Twogap ?

The World Bank and Austria Government fired the first shot, releasing the first batch of bonds on the blockchain.

Twogap provides the solution, core protocol for the next assault of Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks, and Cryptogoods into the Crypto Market.

  • Cryptobonds, Cryptostocks Tokenized Platform
  • Intelligent Compliance solutions : Compliance and Liquidity has been resolved by Intelligent Compliance solution via Twogap Platform.

The Twogap is derived from the Two-Gap model and Game of Theory. Both these doctrines focus on the behavioral gap between the two objects to optimize the benefits of both. The author of Two-gap Model, Hollis Chenery was also the chief strategist of the early World Bank. Avoid zero-sum games by studying the application of Game Theory by John Nash, a mathematician and scholar who has received the Nobel Prize.

Twogap realizes the inevitable evolution of history, predicts the future, and thus determines the action that must be continued in the present.

Twogap maintains a strong investment in Cryptobonds, CryptoSocks, Cryptogoods, and CryptoStocks, and protects investors, rescuers and market participants. Twogap also provides a Cross-Liquidity Protocol, hyperlinks, and hyper-liquidity.

Twogap protect investors and clear liquidity

Twogap became the main trigger for the amalgamation of traditional securities products to Crypto Market, providing a platform for the irreversible sustainable growth of the entire market, blurring the boundary between Crypto Market and Traditional Security Market, increasing profitability for stakeholders, coin hodler, accelerating technological advances.

As Crypto Market grows asymptotically to the size of the traditional stock and financial markets, it means Cryptocurrency with Incentive Mechanism has become more commonplace and has become an engine of automated growth. For all industrial systems, all core economic systems. Then global industry and technology will grow with sudden acceleration that right now we can only imagine that can not calculate the growth rate of it.

One more thing, vision and technology solutions from Twogap provide the means, accelerate innovation, build and operate Crypto Exchange — Traditional Security Exchange, where each member finds their own interests. Through the hands to make the cake grows in a sustainable way. This process goes through three basic steps.

Step one :

Tokenize all types of securities, conditionally traded merchandise, SEC licenses on all trading platforms to become Cryptobonds, CryptoStocks, CryptoGoods … etc

Step two

Create global pool of liquidity using Cross-Liquidity Protocol to create super-hyperlinks → hyper liquidity

Step Three

Form a Crypto Exchange + Traditional Security Exchange alliance to take advantage of the ultra-transparent Cross-Liquidity Protocol, which provides long lasting benefits and profits for each member of the alliance and the entire Crypto Market.


The speed and frequency of circulating trading orders increased, leading to the increase in total liquidity. The size of the Crypto Market will be gradually approaching the traditional financial and securities markets — the evolution of Crypto Industry and Crypto Market.

Twogap — firstly as a technology company.

Creating liquidity, creating markets is the number one priority — — providing Cross-Liquidity Protocol technology — Intelligent Compliance

Making the mainstream sustainable investment product a priority number two, provided to the super-liquid pool set up in step one.

Twogap — next with the role of cryptocurrency company.

TGT is Erc20 token of Twogap Blockchain Hybrid System.

Strong TGT Token Economics

TGT Token with Incentive Mechanism joins the business model, core protocol first

The fundraising Token is only the number two target,

The SEC also needs a TGT Token

Core Protocol + business model + token economic + Incentive Mechanism is not separated.

Twogap — Understanding — Where is True Cryptocurrency?

Definition of true token economics? Token participates in core protocols, joining the basic business model, powerful incentive mechanism.

Token economics have separate business model? The answer is no.

Twogap — Consider the problem of Crypto Market as our mission.

Lack of liquidity, lack of mainstream investment products, barriers to Compliance to the Security Token and Cryptocurrency of the entire market have become the mission of Twogap.

The solution is to create Cross-Liquidity Protocol to create super-liquid for all types of Crypto-Everything on Crypto Market.

Intelligent Compliance — Compliance and liquidity are often mutual barriers, but Twogap has proposed a Cross-Protocol solution for intelligent coordination that ensures compliance and liquidity.

Algorithm to regulate the hyper-relationship between Exchange Alliance and Issuers, Underwriter, Clearing services, Investor, Trader, and Community to coordinate the FOMO and FUD psychological adjustment to the disadvantage of investors, service providers and sustainable growth of the entire market.

Twogap — The Alliance Traditional Security Exchange + Crypto Exchange

Nasdaq is looking at the crypto market.

  • NYSE is also planning to participate in the Crypto Market and Crypto Industry

CBOE and CME needed the Cross-Liquidity Protocol to exploit the market outside the US by extending their affiliation with dealers to become their dealer, thus increasing the liquidity for Bitcoin Futures.

Nine American companies and financial institutions are applying to the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF license that need Twogap’s liquidity solution to provide Cross-Liquidity Protocol-based solutions for their products.

Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and BlackStone, Bakkt, Fidelity also need the Cross-Liquidity Protocol for their current and future products.

The World Bank fired the first gun when it issued $ 80 million of its blockchain bonds, which were quickly consumed by seven US investors. The next time they need Twogap’s liquidity solution for their larger-scale bonds.

The Austrian government has also blamed a second blast for its $ 1.3 billion government bond issue on blockgain Ethereum, which also needed Twogap’s Cross-Liquidity solution.


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Thriving Crypto Market by Cross-Exchanges and Crypto-Securities

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Thriving Crypto Market by Cross-Exchanges and Crypto-Securities

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