Announcing The 2C IndieDAO

Empowering Indies worldwide.

What is a DAO?

Working independently is tricky.

The 2C network picks up responsibility for the mundane, and allows Indies to focus on what they love. Keep the flexibility and independence, but ditch the boring business parts.

  • Constantly honing skills to remain expert in your field
  • ☑️ Creating and marketing your brand — provided by 2C
  • ☑️ Pitching to clients — provided by 2C
  • ☑️ Negotiating sales deals — provided by 2C
  • ☑️ Finding good teammates — provided by 2C
  • ☑️ Doing administrative work — provided by 2C
  • Get paid

Rethinking the future of work.


Gig Economy


The IndieDAO

Flexible 📅


  • Indies match to work engagements that fit their life schedule
  • Indies choose when to work extra hard, and when to rest
  • Indies can mix project and personal work, as they choose


  • Indies live wherever they want
  • Asynchronous optimized project workflows minimize meeting requirements, and maximize global collaboration


  • Indies select projects that fit their preferred technology and design specialization
  • Edge-technology opportunities provide continued specialization growth

Fair ⚖️


  • Indies earn ownership and governance in the Indie DAO, as they contribute their skills and time to the community
  • Community earnings are governed by a diverse and active community, not a narrow percent of wealthy individuals


  • The IndieDAO aims to neutralize location-based compensation, replacing large gaps with more equitable payment terms
  • The IndieDAO aims to transition hourly work towards task based compensation, promoting specialization and rewarding efficiencies created by members


  • Indies earn governance power and corresponding reputation when they invite others into the DAO
  • Indies earn governance power and reputation, and are compensated when they introduce additional project opportunities to IndieDAO

Founder Upside

  • Founders earn contribution and governance tokens at the same rate as other contributors, and are limited to <50% governance at launch, guaranteed to dilute over all forward growth

Fun 🎈


  • Upon growth milestones, Indies will be matched with projects that fit their specialized interests and skills
  • Upon growth milestones, Indies will be matched with other Indies with similar workflow preferences, interests, and business practices


  • 2C continues to build software that brightens up the boring parts of work, and brings joy to work deliverables
  • 2C offers paid contracts to work on these projects, providing interesting work and contributing to stable deal flow

Core Mechanics



The Convoy

2C Visionaries


Initial $INDIE Token Issuance

$LEVEL Issuance

What’s Next



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We match dream projects with dream teams, with precision engineering and world-class design. Our expert network collaborates worldwide, using the 2C Indie DAO.