IPFS Stash — Local IPFS for everyone #ETHDenver2019

Post demo at ETH Denver 2019

Technical Primer

IPFS Current State

This is actually me reviewing a commit, but you get the idea…

Our Project — Stash

With the Stash Chrome extension, adding files to IPFS is as easy as clicking them.
Files on your “Stashboard” can be removed or sent to a “Stash” for later.


  • 2 people: designer and developer duo
  • 22 hours 10 minutes of non-stop hacking
  • 1 hour 33 minutes of sleep
  • 42,168 lines of code (including vendor)
  • 207 stickers collected
  • $100 of Buffidai spent [mostly] on food trucks



  • Storing important public government records in areas of low internet connectivity or potentially corrupted local agencies
  • Efficiently and affordably storing internal corporate files, with even greater redundancy (safety) than cloud hosting
  • Stand-alone native application that fleshes out the user interface, mimicking native file systems like Finder in Mac, and Explorer in Windows
  • Leveraging an in-browser IPFS node, using something like ipfs js, to make the entire installation process a single click
  • Collaborating with browser developers to build native IPFS support into a pre-existing widely adopted web browser


Naming things is super important

Browser vendors should support IPFS

Hackathons are free training workshops



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