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20 Causes for Personal Failure by Napoleon Hill

  1. Drifting through life without a definite goal
  2. Overly curious about other people’s affairs
  3. Inadequate education or inadequate information on your subject
  4. Lack of self-discipline
  5. Lack of ambition to aim high
  6. Lack of persistence in carrying through that which you have begun
  7. A negative mental attitude in general
  8. Lack of emotional control
  9. The desire to get something for nothing
  10. Failure to reach a decision promptly and definitely when all of the facts necessary for a decision are at hand
  11. Fear of failure
  12. Indiscriminate spending of time and/or money
  13. Lack of control over the tongue
  14. Having a closed mind; that is, unwilling to take advice from others
  15. Lack of loyalty where loyalty is due
  16. Lack of vision and imagination
  17. Egotism and vanity without control
  18. Having wrong motives
  19. A desire for revenge for real or imaginary grievances
  20. Unwilling to go the “extra mile”

“The person who succeeds is the one who does more than enough and keeps on doing it.”

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Parker Klein ✌️


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