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20 Tips to Slow Down (life’s not a race)

20 Tips to Slow Down from The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

1. Kill your TV

Our time is our life, and our attention of the doorway to our hearts.

2. Get in the longest checkout line at the grocery store

3. Drive the speed limit

4. Get into the slow lane

5. Come to a full stop at stop signs

6. Don’t text and drive

7. Experiment with mindfulness and meditation

Focus on your breath.

Breath in love, breath out anger. Breath in joy, breath out sadness and pain. Breath in peace, breath out the anxiety and uncertainty of tomorrow.

Persons who meditate become people of substance who have thought things out and have deep convictions, who can explain difficult concepts in simple language, and who have good reasons behind everything they do.

8. Show up ten minutes early for an appointment, sans phone

7. Turn your smartphone into a dumbphone

8. Get a flip phone. Or ditch your cell phone all together

9. Parent your phone; put it to bed before you and make it sleep in

10. Keep your phone off until after your morning quiet time

11. Set times for email

12. Set a time and a time limit for social media (or just get off it)

14. Single-task

15. Walk slower

Where in the world am I trying to get to so fast? We literally have no place to be.

Force yourself to move through the world at a relaxed pace.

16. Take a regular day alone for silence and solitude

17. Take up journaling

The unexamined life is not worth living.

19. If you can, take long vacations

Happiness peaks on day 8 of a vacation.

20. Cook your own food and eat in

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