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7 Steps to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

7 easy steps to nail your elevator pitch from Joy Randels, CEO of The Prowess Group

1. Number a blank piece of paper 1–10 (or use a numbered list in Twos)

Fill in the most important bits of information about yourself, your service or product, and your company.

What, exactly, do you do?

What have you achieved?

What are your goals?

Who does your company serve?

2. Review your draft

Remove any repetitions, needless details, and general business subjects.

3. Grab five index cards (or use Twos)

Label them “Who I Am,” “What I Do,” “How I Do It,” “Why I Do It,” and “Who I Do It For.”

Add each item on the list to the card it fits best.

You want two compelling sentences underneath each card.

4. Order them by importance

You never know how long you will have so you want to get the most important points across.

5. Add an attention-getter

Include an interesting fact or statistic.

6. Practice

Record & listen to your pitch.

Listen to what you are saying and think about what you want your audience to hear.

Make sure your tone is friendly and not aggressive or condescending.

Practice in front of your co-workers and mentors.

You need constructive feedback.

7. Ride the elevator

Practice from the first to the highest, the first to the middle, and the first to the third.

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