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7 Steps to Create Raving Fans

A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

Here are 7 ways to create raving fans from Ken Blanchard’s book, Raving Fans!

1. Decide what you want

What do you want your product/service to provide?

The emphasis has to be on achieving a result, not the system for the system’s sake.

2. Discover what customers want

Discover what the customer’s needs are by asking people questions about their needs.

Alter your vision towards the customer's needs if needed.

3. Be consistent

Customers become raving fans when they know they can count on you time and time again.

Consistency will overcome resistance.

4. Set the right expectations

Don’t offer too much to start.

Exceeding expectations is important but it’s even more important to consistently meet expectations.

5. Create systems, not rules

Systems are predetermined ways to achieve a result.

Rules create robots.

Systems promote results.

6. Get 1% better

If you improve one percent next week and again the week after that, by the end of the year you’ll be ahead by more than fifty percent.

Things can’t help but improve if you keep growing one percent at a time.

7. Treat people like people

It’s not a combination of customers and company. It’s not even customers and employees. It’s just people and people.

People need to feel they are part of the group. They need to feel important and that what they say truly matters.

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