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How Twos works: Days, Lists & *Things*

What is ?

is the best place to write things down because of its digital system of days, lists & things.

The home page of

Of course, there are many places to write things down and a lot of them are very good, but specifically for things — bullet notes, tasks, reminders, events — Twos is the best.

It’s fast, simple, and organized. The secret? Twos is designed around things.

What are *things*?

Simply put, things are whatever you write down in Twos.

No matter what you want to write, it starts as a thing so you can quickly capture thoughts and information. This speed is important because it reduces the friction of getting started — which is often the hardest part.

*Things* from my day, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023

Things can be a book name, your significant other’s order from Starbucks, or a reminder for your grandma’s birthday in a week.

Dates for reminders are automatically detected as you write them and those things will appear on their respective day.

Twos automatically detects dates and helps you set reminders

Unfinished to-dos carry over each day automatically, so there’s no need to waste time re-writing. Twos even features a to-dos view, which lets you see any unfinished tasks across all your days and lists.

You can integrate your calendar so you’ll see things — or events — from your Google, Apple, Outlook, or other calendars on your days with links to their location or Zoom meeting.

The top of my day, Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 with calendar events with links

As you write, some things can grow into collections or may warrant more details. This is what “lists” are for (more on those next).

Regardless of where you end up organizing your thoughts and information (Twos boasts an excellent search engine, too), the most important part of the process is writing things down. Getting ideas and tasks off your mind and into Twos eliminates the stress to remember everything.

What are lists?

Sorry, I know you know what a list is, lol.

But, in Twos, a list is just a collection of things.

You can create a list for groceries, meeting notes, book notes, trip itineraries, dreams, and more. These are all just lists of things — items, notes, quotes, plans, and thoughts.

My list for the “Store” in Twos

Lists can be easily shared with anyone with a public link that is accessible on your iPhone, Windows computer, Android, or Mac. Did I mention Twos is accessible anywhere?

You can also collaborate on lists easily with other people. Give someone “Edit” access to add and change things or “View” access if you just want them to read it.

List actions to share, collab, and more in Twos

What are days?

Every day, you get a fresh list called “Today” in Twos.

A preview of my day “Today” in Twos

It’s where you can plan your day, journal, write down a random thought or experience. Use it as a place to write down anything you want to remember.

And since days are time-based, Twos will help you remember things you’ve written down throughout your life.

I’ve personally used Twos for over seven years and using a view called “On this day” I am able to remember what I was doing one year ago, three years ago, or even seven years ago. Who knows what I’ll be able to remember for many years to come?

A preview of my “On this day,” Feb 23

Days and the things you do and remember make up the history of your life.

Where can I sign up?

Good news! You don’t have to :). You can use Twos for free without an account at or search “Twos” on any app store.

When you want to sync your things across devices, you can sign up for a free account.

Happy Twosday ✌️



Twos is an app and website that helps you simply remember *things*. Visit and download Twos for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to simply remember things today.

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