Alibaba by Duncan Clark

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The iron triangle. Ecommerce, logistics, and finance.

Unparalleled variety of goods, quick and reliable delivery, and easy, worry free buying.

His speaking style is so effective because his message is so easy to agree with, remember, and digest.

Customers first, employees second, and shareholders third.

Today is brutal, tomorrow is more brutal, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. However, the majority of people will die tomorrow night.

Customer first, teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion, and commitment.

If you want to complete a certain number of orders this month, what do you need to do every day?

By breaking it down into phases, each day could be dedicated to one key step in the process, and eventually you wouldn’t be far off from your goal.

Work happily but live seriously.

You have to use your own mind to judge and think.

If you plan, you lose. If you don’t plan, you win.

Chinese web users are accustomed to pop-ups and floating banner ads.

Once you find what you should do, then you need to stay focused.

Nobody knows the future. You can only create the future.

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