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Apr 2022 Twosletter ✌️

Read this Twosletter in Twos.

Dear friends, family, investors, and more…

Thank you for your help as we continue to help people simply remember *things* with Twos. Please feel free to reply with any questions, suggestions, feedback, and warm introductions.

Here is what we did in March 2022…

Big wins

Added Allen Clary as our first member to the Twos Board of Advisors

Reached 53 5-star reviews (+12) on the App Store

Two(s) users wrote blogs about the benefits of using Twos (more in the “Marketing” section)

127% increase in revenue on in-app purchases compared to Feb.

128% increase in Daily Active Twosers (DATs)

178% increase in downloads

142% increase in app store conversion rate

Accepted to the Tampa Bay Wave innovation community

Accepted to the OneSixOne Ventures Spring Accelerator Cohort

Applied to YC’s S22 batch

Reached 6,000 views on our W22 YC application video


Added Sign in with Google

Added Sign in with Apple

Added links to calendar events

Update calendar events without an app refresh

Improved dark mode based on Google’s design guidelines

Search “time travel” to jump to a random day in your past

Search “surprise me” to jump to a random list

Made Remember view free for all Twosers

Auto-detect the word birthday for a yearly reminder

Added universal links to Android

Calendar events update based on changes to your calendar

Updated our landing page

Designed a calendar events section at the top of your day for improved organization

Added a restore purchases button on mobile

Added a quick way to add new things above others

Simplified creating a sublist by selecting things

Added user settings for collapse complete and sublists at the top

Added a QR code to our homepage and to lists on web

Added a user setting to silence calendar event reminders


Prepared our first discussion topic for the board of advisors to cover

Completed the first draft of our business plan and received feedback

Updated our pitch deck and received feedback


Decided on one clear message: Simply remember *things*

Nicola Fisher wrote an article about Twos

Made a video for students using Twos

Met with Omni Public, the public affairs firm for the future

Continued contributing to our blog on Medium

Put out a live recording of Twos Talk every Twosday ✌️

Started making a marketing video every day for 22 days

Received an outpour of positive testimonials from our DATs

Had a blog written about Twos in Russian

Read the English translation here


Met with Bridgette Bello and Jason Baker of Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine

Met with Lissette Campos, Senior Advisor in Communications of Omni Public

Met with Nelson Mills of Link Ventures

Met with Nandini Agarwal from Florida Funders, now ffVC

Met with David Capece, CEO of Croow

Met with Craig Goodman, Co-founder and COO of Cyvatar

Met with Brad Scarboro, CEO of Shallot Games

Met with Rich Maloy of Spring Time Ventures

Applied to University of South Carolina’s Proving Ground

Met with Boris Livshutz and Bill (Greenie) Greenfield, our SCORE mentors

Met with Christine Jaros, our SBDC Consultant

Met with Scott Revey, CEO of Swingin’ Stix

Met with Christy Hicks from AMEX

Met with Shane Smith, Co-founder and CEO of iSick Alert

Met with Caroline and Gabby of Omni Public

Met with John Grandizio of UBS

Met with Don Vasser of Newchip Accelerator

Here is what we are doing in April 2022…

Finalize ask and use of funds for pre-seed fundraising round (let us know if you’re interested)

iOS Widget

Revamp monetization strategy

Add two(s) more members to our Board of Advisors

Simplify the UI based on user data

Implement onboarding walkthrough

Update our App Store screenshots

Update landing page to include user testimonials

Siri integration

Launch fully on Android

Add tagging things via hashtags

Redraft business plan

Redraft pitch deck

Continue to double down on successful marketing efforts

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call/text Parker at 858–692–2898 or Joe at 904–654–3924. Thank you in advance.

Have a happy Twosday,

Twos Guys

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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️

Creator of Twos ✌️ ( simply remember *things* Former Googler, programmer, reader, and writer