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Don’t Panic, Use Twos (All Parts)

How Twos can help you remember *things* and live a calm, memorable, and connected life

Part 0: Why Twos?

Have you ever felt embarrassed when you forget someone’s name? Or anxious when you forgot something you needed to do?

In today’s world, forgetting things is a common problem.

Research shows we forget 70% of new *things* we learn every day.

We can remember *things* by writing them down.

Instead of spreading our *things* between a notebook, post-its, calendar, notes, and reminders apps, while STILL emailing/texting ourselves…all we need is one app (and website) designed to help us remember *things*.

What is Twos?

Twos is an app and website ( designed to help you remember *things*.

Twos is simple so you don’t need to spend hours setting it up and figuring out how to use it.

With Twos…

You get a daily list to write down any *thing* you want to remember like thoughts, recommendations, and to-dos.

It helps you carry over your unfinished to-dos each day and integrates with your calendar so you’ll always remember important meetings/events.

You can set reminders using your natural language (e.g., “Call Mom on Tuesday”) and also share and collaborate on lists with your colleagues, friends, and family.

With Twos, you can remember any *thing*.

Part 1: What are days, lists & *things*?

Twos is a simple system of days, lists, and *things* which help you remember any *thing*.

Twos system of Days, Lists & *Things*


Every day, we have new *things* to remember.

So, Twos gives you a daily list to remember *things*.

Days are great for remembering thoughts, names, to-dos, events, reminders, and more.

A view of my day: Tue Aug 30, 2022

Twos helps you carry over your unfinished to-dos each day and you can also connect your calendar to remember events.

To quickly load today, you can pull down on any screen on mobile or click the “Today” button in the header on web.


Lists help you organize *things* in common.

Lists are great for groceries, meeting notes, vacation plans, recipes, …any list of *things*.

Creating a new list in Twos

To create a list, tap the green new list button.

You can nest lists inside of lists with sublists (covered in Part 2).

You can also share and collaborate on lists with friends, colleagues, and family (covered in Part 4).


The most important *thing* 😉 is writing *things* down before we forget them.

You remember *things* by writing them on days and lists (covered above).

*Things* can be any to-dos, reminders, events, thoughts, links, photos…any *thing* you want to remember.

Create a new *thing* by typing where it says “What do you want to remember?” and then pressing enter.

You can change a *thing’s* type by clicking on its dash and *things* can also be moved, reordered, selected, and shared.

Part 2: Perform actions

Now, it’s time to perform actions on *things*.

Change a *thing’s* type.

To change a *thing’s* type, click on its dash.

Changing a *things* type

You can select your default *things* type in your user settings.

Select *things* to perform actions

To start selecting *things*…

  1. On your phone, swipe *things* to the left ⬅️
  2. On your phone and computer, tap the “Select” circle to the right of any *thing*.
Selecting *things*

Once selecting…

  1. Tap to select multiple *things*.
  2. On your phone, you can double-tap on the select circle to select all *things* in between two *things*.
  3. On your computer, you can hold Shift+Click to select all *things* in between two *things*.

Tap “Done” to stop selecting *things*.

Complete *things*

On your phone, swipe any *thing* to the right ➡️ to complete it.

On your phone and computer, you can select *things*, tap “Format”, and then tap “Complete.”

For to-dos, you can tap in a *thing’s* checkbox to complete it.

You can also turn on “Hide completed to-dos” in the user and list settings to collapse completed to-dos.

Move *things* between days and lists

“Move” allows you to capture *things* before you forgot them and saves you time switching back and forth between days and lists.

Write some *thing* down, select it (covered above), then tap “Move” and pick the day or list to move it to.

Set reminders

You can set reminders using your natural language like “Call Mom tomorrow at 3 pm.”

Include an end date/time to create an event.

You will receive a notification on any device at the time of your reminder.

Nest lists with sublists

A list nested inside of another list is called a “sublist.”

Each part of “Don’t Panic, Use Twos” is a sublist

Lists can be nested inside any number of other lists to organize them however you’d like.

Format *things*

To format *things*, select the *things* you would like to edit, and then tap “Format.”

You can bold, underline, hyperlink, highlight, indent, and change a *thing’s* type.

Reorder *things*

To reorder *things*, tap, hold, and drag.

This works on web (, too.

Reorder multiple *things* by selecting them and using the “Move up”, “Move down”, “Move to the top”, and “Move to the bottom” buttons.

Part 3: Remember *things*

Twos makes it easy to remember the *things* you’ve written.

Search for lists & *things*

Search any keyword to find days, lists, and*things*.

Searching “meditation”

You can find some *thing* by searching for another *thing* you remember on the same day/list.

The search is very powerful and makes finding *things* easy.

Bookmark lists

To remember an important day or list, bookmark it by tapping on its bookmark to the left of its name.

Bookmarks appear above your recent lists in the side menu.

My bookmarks in the side menu

You can unbookmark a list when you are done with it.

Star important *things*

To remember important *things* (i.e. a link, address, parking spot number, coupon code) you can star them by tapping a *thing’s* dash and then tapping “Star.”

Stars appear in the “Stars” view in the side menu.

My Stars view

Remember to-dos

To-dos help you remember any *thing* you need to do.

There are three ways to turn a *thing* into a to-do:

  1. Tap a *thing’s* dash, then tap “To-do.”
  2. Type “[]” + Space at the start of a *thing* or blank *thing*.
  3. Select some *thing*, tap “Format”, then change its type to a to-do.

Twos will prompt you to carry over your unfinished to-dos each day.

All unfinished to-dos appear in the “To-dos” view in the side menu.

My To-dos view

Tag *things*

You can tag *things* by typing “#” and then selecting or creating a tag.

Tags help you organize *things* across days and lists.

Find your existing tags in the side menu.

My Tags

Part 4: Share lists and *things*

Sharing and collaborating on lists helps you share *things* with friends.

Share a list

To share a list, tap the three dots (aka list actions) in the top right corner, then tap “Share list.”

You can share the text from a list or share a live, public link.

Share lists with public links

To unshare a list, go to the list actions, tap “List settings & info,” and then turn off “Make link shareable.”

Collaborate on lists

You can collaborate on lists with other people, like a grocery list, or class/meeting notes.

To collaborate, tap the list actions in the top right, and then tap “Add collaborator.”

You can give specific people access:

View = allows collaborators to read.

Edit = allows collaborators to make changes.

Admin = allows collaborators to edit, delete, share, and add collaborators.

If you ever want to remove a collaborator, tap the list actions, tap “List settings & info”, and remove collaborators.

Share *things*

To share *things*, select the *things* you want to share, tap the “Share” button in the select actions, then “Share” them via the share sheet or “Copy” them to your clipboard.

Export your days, lists, and *things* (only available on

Export your days, lists, and *things* in the side menu, tap on your profile, then tap “Export your days, lists, and things.”

To export an individual list, tap the list actions button, then tap “Export as text.”

Part 5: Views of Twos

The different views of Twos make finding the *things* you’re looking for quick and easy.

Home view

Your home view shows your upcoming reminders and recent days, lists, and *things.*

Home view

Lists view

The lists view shows your recent lists with filters.

Lists view

Calendar view

The calendar view shows your reminders, days, and lists in a calendar format.

On mobile, your calendar view also shows your timeline and week view.

Your week (Pro upgrade on mobile)

Your week shows you all the *things* you wrote in the past week.

Week view

Profile view

Your profile shows your stats, settings, coins, and upgrades (on mobile).

On this day

The On this day view helps you remember the *things* you wrote today, 7 days ago, 30 days ago, a year ago, and more.

On this day view

Remembering *things* feels good and the remember view makes remembering *things* you may have forgotten easy.

If you haven’t already…

1. Download Twos on your phone (iOS, Android)

Recommended: Add Twos to your bottom bar to quickly write *things* down.

2. Sign up for an account

3. Log in on your computer at

Recommended: Bookmark in your browser to quickly open your day.

4. Download the Twos chrome extension to quickly add *things* to your days

5. Start remembering *things*



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