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Don’t Panic, Use Twos | Part 3: Remember *things*

Twos makes it easy to remember the *things* you’ve written.

Search for lists & *things*

Search any keyword to find days, lists, and*things*.

Searching “meditation”

You can find some *thing* by searching for another *thing* you remember on the same day/list.

The search is very powerful and makes finding *things* easy.

Bookmark lists

To remember an important day or list, bookmark it by tapping on its bookmark to the left of its name.

Bookmarks appear above your recent lists in the side menu.

My bookmarks in the side menu

You can unbookmark a list when you are done with it.

Star important *things*

To remember important *things* (i.e. a link, address, parking spot number, coupon code) you can star them by tapping a *thing’s* dash and then tapping “Star.”

Stars appear in the “Stars” view in the side menu.

My Stars view

Remember to-dos

To-dos help you remember any *thing* you need to do.

There are three ways to turn a *thing* into a to-do:

  1. Tap a *thing’s* dash, then tap “To-do.”
  2. Type “[]” + Space at the start of a *thing* or blank *thing*.
  3. Select some *thing*, tap “Format”, then change its type to a to-do.

Twos will prompt you to carry over your unfinished to-dos each day.

All unfinished to-dos appear in the “To-dos” view in the side menu.

My To-dos view

Tag *things*

You can tag *things* by typing “#” and then selecting or creating a tag.

Tags help you organize *things* across days and lists.

Find your existing tags in the side menu.

My Tags



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️

Creator of Twos ✌️ ( simply remember *things* Former Googler, programmer, reader, and writer