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Elon Musk’s 5 Step Design Process by ModelThinkers

1. Make the requirements less dumb

Test assumptions

Requirements from a ‘smart person’ are often the most dangerous since you might not question them enough

2. Delete the part or process

Start from the core and add when required

Each requirement or constraint must be accountable to a person, not a department because you can ask that person about its relevance and purpose

“If you’re not adding things back in at least 10% of the time, you’re clearly not deleting enough.”

3. Simplify or optimize the design

Work through the first two steps before trying to optimize

“Possibly the most common error of a smart engineer is to optimize a thing that should not exist.”

4. Accelerate cycle time

Stay agile but only after the first three steps of the process to ensure you’re moving faster in the right direction.

“If you’re digging your grave, don’t dig faster.”

5. Automate

Complete the first four steps before automating to reduce wasted time

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