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Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Quality content is:

1. Useful

Clearly helps your customers with their problems

2. Inspirational

Inspired by data, well-written

3. Empathetic

Focused on viewing the world through their eyes

Steps for writing

1. Start with your goal

What are you trying to achieve?

2. Reframe

Put your reader into it

3. Seek out data and examples

Personal experience builds connections

4. Organize

Lists, how-to guide, client narrative

5. Write to one person

Put your reader in the story

6. Ugly first draft

Write as if no one will ever read it

7. Walk away

8. Rewrite

Swap places with your reader

9. Give it a great title

10. Have someone else edit

11. Check readability

Is it inviting and easy to scan?

12. Publish

Answer one more reader question: what now?



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