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Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

Tell your story in your own way

Quality content is:

1. Useful

Clearly helps your customers with their problems

2. Inspirational

Inspired by data, well-written

3. Empathetic

Focused on viewing the world through their eyes

You get good at anything by trying

Your audience’s needs come first

Write clear and short. Respect the reader’s time

Readers only read if something is in it for them

Steps for writing

1. Start with your goal

What are you trying to achieve?

2. Reframe

Put your reader into it

Why does it matter to them?

3. Seek out data and examples

Personal experience builds connections

Find other credible sources

4. Organize

Lists, how-to guide, client narrative

5. Write to one person

Put your reader in the story

Help them recognize and relate to an issue

6. Ugly first draft

Write as if no one will ever read it

7. Walk away

8. Rewrite

Swap places with your reader

9. Give it a great title

10. Have someone else edit

11. Check readability

Is it inviting and easy to scan?

Short paragraphs

Number or bullet lists

12. Publish

Answer one more reader question: what now?

The more you think and plan, the easier it is to say

Know your objective before you write

Making a list is easier to start than writing

Serve the reader, not the writer

Anticipate the questions of your readers

Think about your writing from your reader’s perspective. What experience are you giving them?

Create useful content that solves the customer’s problems, eases their pain, and enriches their lives

Write to the customer’s point of view: replace “I” and “we” with “you”

State the main idea first

Trim the fat as much as you can

Good content shows how your product lives in the world, adds value to people’s lives, eases troubles, shoulders burdens, and meets needs

Tell the why behind you feeling a certain way

Show, don’t tell

No one will ever complain that it is too simple

Good writing is about thinking, re-writing, and keeping it focused on the reader

Write for real people with real words

Use bold verbs

A story brand should communicate who you are, what you do for the benefit of others, how you add value to their lives, ease their troubles, shoulder their burdens, and meet their needs

Be honest, human, original, serve the customer, and tell the long term vision

Show how you change the world on a massive scale

Communicate what makes you unique

Tell the story that only you can tell

Share the why and the who, not just the what, on social

Always try to say it again in fewer words

Use humor whenever possible

Share content that is helpful and ties back to what your product does

Your value is in what you do for your customers

Done is better than perfect

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