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Feb 2022 Twosletter ✌️

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Dear family, friends, potential investors, and more…

Thank you for your help as we continue to build the best place to write things down

Please feel free to comment with any questions, suggestions, feedback, introductions, etc.

Here is what we did in January 2022…

Big wins

Jan 30th was our biggest day of Daily Active Users (DAUs)

60,000+ impressions, 100+ engagements, and 50+ new followers on social media

49% increase in total downloads compared to December

22% increase in app store conversion rate

20% increase in app store impressions

Awarded the Citi scholarship for exhibition space at Synapse Innovation Summit on Feb. 17th, 2022

Applied to the Embarc Collective of Tampa Bay


Attended Startup of the Year (Read our things from the event)

Attended Cyvatar networking event

Attended the 2022 Economic Outlook (Read our things from the event)

Updated our pitch deck

Attended TechStars Boston AMA w/ Greg Raiz


Added calendar integration on iOS

Added Artificial Intelligence to auto-detect reminders with natural language processing

Launched a new incentive-based onboarding

Updated our landing page

Added daily clues to earn coins

Released Twos on the Google Play Store for Early Access

Conducted user studies

Met with a potential UX designer

Brought back “Pull down to load Today”

Added spotlight search for lists on iOS

Added web browser notifications

Started sending out release notes

Added the ability to select “things” while searching

Prompt to move unfinished to-dos

Improved the reminder UX

Added the ability to customize your suggested times while creating reminders


Updated our App Store presence

Started posting Twos Guys on TikTok


Released Twos Talk podcast — Episode 30

Sent out prizes for the 2021 Holiday Contest

Wrote the first draft of “Don’t Panic: You Have Twos”

Established @TwosGuys, @TwosJoe, @TwosBaller social media accounts

Released a new demo video

Released 6 Shortcuts to Save Time w/ Twos

Here is what we are doing in February 2022…

Add Siri integration

Establish Board of Advisors

Attend Synapse Innovation Summit (2/17/22)

Explain how Twos is better than paper

Use one clear message “just write things down”

Meet with 5–10 accredited investors

Add “Sign in with…” (Google, Apple)

Add the ability to import zips, txts, and pdfs

22-hour live stream on Twosday (2/22/22)

Add a Chrome browser extension

Add an iOS Widget

Update our onboarding

Partner with an influencer with 200k+ followers

Continue to educate existing/potential users through videos, blogs, social posts, etc.

Have a happy Twosday,
Twos Guys

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Twos is an app and website that helps you simply remember *things*. Visit and download Twos for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to simply remember things today.

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Parker Klein ✌️

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