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How a “Hi Level” Mindset Helps You Realize Your Potential | Cordae | TED

1. Remain positive

2. Be intentional with your desires

Write out your goals and what you want to accomplish (I use Twos ✌️:

3. Discipline = Excellence

Every successful person has discipline

Discipline helps when you lack motivation

4. Remove negative people

Anyone who laughs at your goals and dreams

Block people who don’t cheer you on

Commit to honoring your potential and what you have for the world

Don’t let your small failures make you lose sight of your bigger picture

Do everything at the highest level that you are capable of

#SharedFromTwos ✌️

Save this list to your Twos




Twos is an app and website that helps you simply remember *things*. Visit and download Twos for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to simply remember things today.

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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️

Ex-Googler, Programmer, Reader, Writer, and Creator of Twos ✌️ ( the best place to write *things* down

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