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How Content Algorithms Work (and How You Can Help)

How do the content algorithms work?

How Algorithms Work

All algorithms are designed to increase engagement on the platform.

They do that by showing you content you’ll engage with.

They predict what you’ll engage with based on what other people engage with and what you’ve engaged with in the past.

Engagement differs for every platform, but it is usually related to likes, time spent on a post, shares, comments, etc.

How can you help?

Engage with content you benefit from and ignore the content which doesn’t help.

Like, comment, and share content you think more people should see.

Don’t like, comment, and share content you don’t believe people should see.

Even if you are commenting on a post saying how much you disagree with it, you are still engaging with the content so the algorithm will recommend it to more people.

Algorithms aren’t evil, they’re just optimized for engagement, and that is based on our actions.

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