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Life is Easy. Why Do We Make it so Hard? | Jon Jandai

Life is easy

When the TV came, people said you are poor, you need to pursue success

Why is life so hard when we have to work and study so hard?

It’s hard to learn at the university because it is very important

The more we learn and build, the more we destroy

We make everything so hard and so complicated

When people have a lot of time, they have a lot of time to be with themselves, when they have a lot of time to be with themselves, they have a lot of time to learn about themselves. When they learn about themselves, they can see what they want in life

People want happiness, love, to enjoy their life

Buying clothes won’t change you

We get sick because we did something wrong, we need to figure out what we did wrong

You can feel free, with less worries

Learn to make life easy

To be happy, we need to connect with ourselves and one another and connect our mind and body together again

4 basic needs: food, house, clothes, and medicine make it a civilization

We are living in the most uncivilized time every. It’s wrong. It is not normal. We are all equal to each other and animals

It isn’t your fault to be classified as abnormal. It is their fault for thinking like that

You can only manage yourself and your mind. You cannot change anything outside yourself. Make you mind and life light and easy. You ca have a choice to make it easy or hard

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