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Parker Klein ✌️
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2 min readJun 10, 2024


A lot of people talk about Lil Baby falling off.

I recently listened to all of Lil Baby’s music again and discovered that not only do I really enjoy Lil Baby’s older music, his new music is my favorite.

Here are my rankings of Lil Baby’s albums and mixtapes and my favorite songs on each project.

1. It’s Only Me (2022)

Real Spill, Stand On It, Pop Out, Heyy, California Breeze, Perfect Timing, Never Hating, Forever, In A Minute, Waterfall Flow, From Now On, Top Priority, FR, Shiest Talk, No Fly Zone, Russian Roulette

2. My Turn (2020)

Get Ugly, Heatin’ Up, Grace, Woah, Live Off My Closet, Same Thing, Emotionally Scarred, Commercial, Forever, Can’t Explain, No Sucker, Sum 2 Prove, We Should, Catch The Sun, Forget That

3. Harder Than Ever (2018)

Intro, I’m Straight, Exotic, Yes Indeed, Leaked, First Class, Right Now, Life Goes On, Transporter, Fit In, Boss Bitch, Never Needed No Help

4. Too Hard (2017)

To the Top, Money, all of a Sudden, Money Forever, Best of Me, Sum More, Freestyle

5. Harder Than Hard (2017)

My Dawg, Dates, My Drip, Minute, Life, Narcs, Pink Slip

6. Perfect Timing (2017)

Days Off, Option, 9To5, Up, Racks In

7. The Voice of the Heroes (w/ Lil Durk) (2021)

2040, Man of my Word, How It Feels, Lying, Okay, Please, Up The Side, Rich Off Pain, Make It Out

8. Drip Harder (w/ Gunna) (2018)

Close Friends, Drip Too Hard, Never Recover

9. Street Gossip (2018)

Ready, No Friends

10. 2 The Hard Way (w/ Marlo) (2017)

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