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May 2022 Twosletter ✌️

Dear friends, family, investors, and more…

This is your monthly update from Twos HQ. You can comment directly on this article with questions, feedback, or introductions. Thank you!

The BIG NEWS FROM TWOS: We are raising our first round of funding

What we did in April 2022…

Big wins

350% increase in DATs so far in 2022

24% increase in Daily Active Twosers (DATs) compared to March

Reached 1,308 Monthly Active Twosers

$4.92 in proceeds per paying user, a 6.3% increase compared to March is now the first search result when you search “Twos” on Google

Twos was accepted to Embarc Collective, Florida’s fastest-growing startup hub.

Three Twosers wrote organic blogs about using Twos in their daily lives and one Twoser made a video (more in the “Marketing” section)


Released the Twos Chrome Extension (add *things* to your day directly from Chrome)

Built an internal KPI dashboard

Established the official Twos beta testers group (please comment if interested)

Released the new Twos design to our beta testers via Test Flight

Sign in with Google on Android

Released the new UI on Android

Updated our landing page with user testimonials

Updated our SEO and sitemap

Made photos (a premium feature) free


Met and spoke with potential investors at Miami Tech Week

Updated pitch deck based on advisor feedback

Updated Twos App one-pager based on investment bank analyst feedback

Updated business plan to forecast Twos growth in users/revenue

Finalized first-round fundraising terms


Updated our landing page/cover photos to reflect our top of the line messaging “the best place to write things down”

Interviewed by Veronica Brezina for an article in St. Pete Catalyst

Interviewed by Joe Hamilton for St. Pete Catalyst’s Startup Report

Made a Shark Tank spoof video

Samantha Holloway wrote an article on Twos

Stone, Note Apps Canada, wrote a review on Twos

Amanda Mae wrote an article on Twos

Made daily videos for Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts which amassed 15k+ views

Knowledge Work Nexus made a video review of Twos

Put out a live recording of Twos Talk every Twosday ✌️

Continued contributing to our blog on Medium


Attended eMerge Americas 2022 in Miami

Met with Richard Munassi, co-founder of Medzoomer

Met with Carrie Moore, founder of Carrie Moore International & She is Excellence

Met with Lewis Burnham, investor at IDEA Fund, our Embarc Collective account manager

Met with Pablo Casilimas and Justis Mendez, founders of OneSixOne Ventures

Meet with Kate Heath, brand & marketing strategist

Met with Tyana Daley, growth marketing strategist

Met with Josh Ray, Entrepreneurship professor at University of Tampa

Met with Jason Blilie, founder of Blilie Law

Met with Jesse Neugarten, CEO of Dollar Flight Club

Met with Zachary Brodsky with Florida Funders

Met with Rob Matzkin, executive coach

Met with Ryan Schneider, executive advisor

Met with Andrew Larsen, Director of Data Science at Fox

Attended Understanding the Investing Game by Allen Clary

Met with Boris Livshutz, SCORE mentor

Met with Gina Smith, SEO expert

Here is what we are doing in May 2022…

Begin our first round of fundraising

Add subscription option w/ free trial

Release UI design update

Release onboarding walkthrough to complement new UI

Change thing type by clicking on the dash

Bookmark colors

iOS Widget


Siri integration

Update our App Store screenshots

Post targeted blogs and videos

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to this article. Thank you in advance.

Have a happy Twosday,
Twos Guys

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