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“[Twos] is the only app I look forward to using every day.” — Neil

From April 2023…

KPIs + big wins

Twos DAU growth

-123 daily active users (784), -13.56% MoM.

16% new user weekly retention, -2% MoM.

Held our 3rd board of advisors meeting.

Hired an intern from the University of Tampa.

What’s moving the needle (both directions)

Poor marketing/targeting/positioning reached and converted fewer users.

Medium reads (6.7k) + followers (5.98k, +531).

Discord community engagement + members: 938 (+64).

Twitter conversion + followers: 1,041 (+28).

YouTube conversion + followers: 1,104 (+75).


Added toggled headers

Released new designs from SumTech.

Improved in-app notifications.

Added badges and streaks.

Added focus timer (premium feature).


Posted short-form video content.

Conducted community testimonial interviews for an upcoming marketing campaign.

Experimented with first paid influencer collab.

Hosted “How Twos” Webinar 3.

Released new merch.

6 pieces of earned media from Twos users.

Coming up in May 2023…


Set up a dashboard to track marketing experiments.

Update onboarding and profile setup.

Release Twitter bot to auto-generate lists.

Add remember button for memories and memorize feature.

Improve iOS widget.

Release the Android app out of beta.

Add list templates.


Test messages with ads.

Produce short-form video content.

Establish relationships with productivity influencers.

Run user testimonial marketing campaign.

Create an evergreen marketing video.

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