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New Years Resolutions for 2023

How to make 2023 the best year yet

Remember your 2023 resolutions with Twos

1. Health is priority #1

Mental, physical, spiritual.

If you feel good, get enough rest, and eat healthily, you can do anything.

I will shoot for 7–8 hours of sleep per night, eat a healthy diet, meditate for 10 min per day, go on walks, do push-ups, pray before bed, and create every day.

2. Sit and stand up straight

Good posture helps you feel good about yourself and it is important for your body’s health.

3. Write things down when I want to

Writing things down is so important for organization, reaching goals, and your peace of mind.

Last year, I felt awkward taking out my phone to write things down.

This year, I will have the courage to write down what is important to me.

I write everything down in Twos… including this blog :)

4. No smoking or drinking

Nothing good comes out of drinking and smoking.

I want to feel my best and save time for the things I care about.

5. No eating in excess

It is not healthy to overeat.

I used to eat a lot when I’d smoke, so I look forward to eating a healthy amount.

6. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

Slowing down and being mindful have big impacts on the rest of your day.

I will set aside 10 minutes every morning to focus on my breath.

7. Share something about Twos every day

We all have something we feel called to do in life.

Twos has changed the lives of hundreds of people and I look forward to sharing it with more people this year.

8. Stop touching my face

This is a habit I’ve been wanting to stop.

I have trichotillomania, which means I touch and pull out my eyebrows.

It’s similar to nail-biting, but I am working to stop it this year.

9. Make eye contact with people

People want to be seen, listened to, and understood.

I look forward to the mindful conversations I will have with people this year.

10. Do the hard thing first

What’s the most important thing you can be doing right now?

No matter what it is, even if it is hard, I will spend more time on those things.

Happy New Year and I wish you the very best on your resolutions this year!

P.S. Use Twos to keep and track your resolutions this year :)

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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