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My Favorite App for Productivity

How Twos Helps Manage To-Dos, Goals, and *Things*

In the digital age, there are many productivity apps.

Some of the most popular options are Todoist, Google Tasks, and TicktTck, but my favorite is not strictly a productivity tool.

When I use apps designed purely for productivity, I end up resenting them. I want to use an app that helps me get *things* done, but also allows me to clear my mind, set reminders, plan my day, and track goals.

That’s why I choose Twos, the best place to write *things* down for every *thing* I want to remember, including to-dos. Let’s talk about Twos

Why I find Twos to be the best…

Whether it is capturing some *thing* you need to do or remembering something you previously captured, Twos saves you time so you can get more done.

Twos does this with a quick and simple system of days, lists, and *things*, which helps you capture, organize, and find any *thing* (i.e. to-dos, notes, journals, events, reminders, etc.) all in one place.

A view of my day in Twos

It’s also free, so you don’t need to pay a subscription for a notes app, to-do app, and calendar app.

How Twos helps?

No other system is designed to keep everything in one quick and easy-to-use place. Other systems require a lot of setup, formatting, fields to fill out, and are difficult to navigate.

Or, you can spread your information across many apps like a calendar, reminders, and tasks app, as well as paper and email, but you waste time deciding where *things* go and looking for *things.*

Twos is the quickest place to write *things* down, has a powerful search, and keeps all of your *things* organized in one place.

You can easily list out the *things* you need to accomplish, and every day, Twos will ask if you’d like to carry over your unfinished to-dos from yesterday. This helps you stay focused and accomplish the most important *things*.

Move unfinished to-dos from yesterday to today?

You also get to experience the satisfaction of clicking the checkbox every time you accomplish a to-do.

Why does being productive matter?

Productivity is the state or quality of producing something.

It is the act of doing the *things* you intended to do. Not wasting time, procrastinating, or doing *things* that are unimportant.

The more time you spend doing the *things* you want to do, the more productive you will be, and the better you will feel.

Get started with Twos for free…

I hope you’ll give Twos a try. It is quick and easy to remember any *thing*, i.e. to-dos, goals, and memories.

It really helps you be more productive.

You can download Twos on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and use Twos on your computer at

Thank you for reading and happy Twosday.

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