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My Twos Story

How I built an app and website that helps people remember *things*

For the past 7 years, I’ve been building the best app and website for people to remember *things*. The next chapter will include sharing *things* with other people, but this is the story so far…

How it all started

I first started building apps in 2015 while I was an intern at a tech company named Qualcomm in San Diego, CA.

I was fortunate for the opportunity to work at an amazing tech company, but one conversation with my mentor was particularly memorable.

We were having lunch at the cafeteria in our building and he suggested I start writing down the things I was doing and learning throughout the summer.

He mentioned it would be helpful to reference when putting together my resume and preparing for future job interviews.

I took his advice and began capturing what I was doing in Apple Notes.

I was already writing things down in a Google Doc (I journaled a lot during my freshman year of college to cope with depression) and writing really helped me think more clearly.

The idea

Padres game at Petco Park

One evening, I was at a San Diego Padres game with my dad. I sat there staring into the outfield thinking about all of the new things I was learning and writing down.

Then it hit me.

Wouldn’t it be cool to share some of the things I was doing and learning at work with friends and family?

Why is Facebook and Twitter only for capturing things you intend on sharing?

What if there was a platform where you originally wrote things down privately, but then you could easily share certain things to connect with others?

People could capture anything, quickly: an experience with your dad at a Padres game, how you felt after your final presentation at the end of your internship or an idea for a birthday present for your mom.

A single place to quickly and privately capture all the little things (names, ideas, parking spot numbers, dreams, …) and then choose which things you’d like to share.

I was new to programming. I had just started learning app development, but I leaned over to my dad and said, “I’m starting this tonight.”

The development

For the rest of the summer and throughout my senior year at Vanderbilt, I woke up early and stayed up late watching tutorials, brainstorming on whiteboards, and building the first version of this half-private, half-social platform, Twos.

I called it Twos for a few reasons. It had two sides (a private side and a public side), it was a short and punchy name, and “Twos” was an inside joke I had with my girlfriend at the time (whenever good things happened, we would throw up a peace sign with our hand and yell, “Twoooos!” to celebrate).

I begged my girlfriend to let me use our joke for the app name and made the “like” button on the social side a hand peace sign to spread positivity and celebrate shared *things*.

The week before I graduated in 2016, and one of the proudest moments of my life, I launched the first version of Twos.

After graduation, I traveled through Europe with my friends and older brother, Spencer, and luckily, I had Twos to remember all of the *things* we were doing.

Sat Jun 18, 2016 - Went skydiving. It was very scary but pretty unreal. The clouds hurt my hands and face. When we cleared the clouds it was breathtaking. Mountains rivers lakes houses. It was so cool. Free fall for 40–45 seconds and then the shoot. #SharedFromTwos ✌️
Wed Jun 15, 2016 - Romania vs. Switzerland 1–1 tie at the 2016 Euro Cup in Paris, France with Adam, Hinz, and Mading #SharedFromTwos ✌️

Constant improvement

The value I felt from using Twos inspired me to continue improving the app experience with the goal of sharing it with more people and helping them remember more *things*.

After my trip, I accepted a full-time position at Qualcomm but kept working on Twos every morning, night, and weekend.

I loved building Twos so much that I would get upset if I had to go to dinner or play golf. All I wanted to do was build Twos.

I built a few other small apps and websites to teach myself new programming languages and eventually rebuilt Twos versions two and three, but this time things were different…

In versions two and three there was no public side. I decided to prioritize improving the private experience of writing *things* down with the intention to bring back the public side once it was good enough to help people remember *things*.

At the same time, I also met my now co-founder, Joe, who had a similar passion for remembering and sharing *things* with others. Joe’s intuitive feel for what a new user needs mixed with my ability to program made us a well-rounded team.

Every day, Twos got better. Search improved, swipes were added, calendar integrated, to-dos, reminders, artificial intelligence, tagging, collaboration… all focused on creating the best place to remember *things*.

The next chapter

To us, it’s crazy that in 2022 people still forget *things*. This shouldn’t be a problem when we walk around everywhere with computers in our pockets.

Just like my mentor at Qualcomm mentioned, forgetting *things* is an existential problem. People forget *things* every day and the simplest way to remember *things* is to write them down.

That is why we are building Twos, the first app and website designed to help people remember *things*.

In the future, we will reintroduce the public side to allow people to share, connect, and learn *things* from one another.

For now, Twos is free, easy to use, and helps you remember *things*.

Happy Twosday ✌️

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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