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Note-taking?!? 9 Ways Writing *Things* is Better Than Taking Notes

There are many benefits to taking notes.

What people don’t realize is writing *things* in Twos is quicker, easier, and more powerful.

Here are 9 ways writing *things* is better than taking notes…

1. Twos has days like a calendar

Similar to writing today’s date at the top of a page in a notebook, Twos automatically loads your day when you open the app so you can quickly remember *things*.

Twos has a view for *things* you’ve written in the past week, a calendar, and a feature called “On this day” which helps you revisit *things* you’ve written in the past.

2. Twos has to-dos

A lot of the *things* we want to remember are *things* we need to do.

With Twos, you can create to-dos, are prompted to carry over your unfinished to-dos each day, and you can see all of your unfinished to-dos in the to-dos view.

3. Twos has reminders

Receiving notifications for *things* we need to remember is an effective way to be reminded.

Twos uses artificial intelligence to help you set reminders with your natural language, I.e. “Call mom tomorrow at noon.”

4. Twos integrates with your calendar

Twos is not only for notes, it is for any *thing* you want to remember which includes events and reminders.

Twos connects to your Apple, Google, or Outlook calendar so you’ll always remember important events.

5. Easily share and collaborate on lists

Share lists and *things* with other people using a universal link that opens on any device (with or without the app) at

You can also collaborate with anyone even outside the Apple ecosystem.

6. Twos is designed for *things*

Rather than static notes and documents, Twos is designed to quickly capture, organize, remember, and share *things*.

You can move *things* around, star important *things* as opposed to only pinning notes, reorder *things* with drag and drop, and more.

7. No more folders

Folders create a static hierarchy making it difficult to access your notes.

With Twos, days and lists are nested inside of any number of lists creating any structure you’d like.

8. Search is a primary feature

In most note apps, search is a fallback in case you can’t figure out how to navigate to a note.

In Twos, search is always on the screen and the search algorithm makes finding any day, list, or *thing* quick and easy.

9. It’s cross-platform

Twos is available from any computer or device (iOS and Android) so you can use it at work, at home, and on the go.

Twos is a free iOS and Android app, syncs with any computer at, and takes two seconds to start remembering *things*.

Download Twos and simply remember *things* today!

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️

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