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Pain and Pleasure

You can decide what gives you pain and pleasure

Outside of physical pain and pleasure, it is up to you

You can tell yourself you experience pleasure when you eat pizza or when you eat a salad

You can tell yourself hanging out with a crowd is painful or your favorite activity

We are lucky to live in a world where so much of our pain and pleasure is a product of our own thinking

It gives us so much power to affect and change our lives

You can choose to be happy or satisfied with what you do

You can also decide to associate pain with activities you wish to do less of causing yourself to subconsciously do them less

It's a very beneficial connection

Lately, I’ve told myself that what makes me happy is eating healthy and exercising. I want to eat salads and I want to go to the gym everyday. This was a conscious decision I made and now I don’t subconsciously reach for the dessert as often

We decide what gives us pain and pleasure

What will you decide?

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