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September 2022 Twosletter ✌️

“This app is really amazing. I’ve been looking for something that captures things so simply like this for such a long time.” — @Cinder in Discord

Exciting news from Twos HQ below!

Thank you all for reading and supporting us on our mission to change the way people write, remember, and share *things*.

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Here’s what’s new from August 2022…

Big wins

39.8% increase in daily active users since 7/30

42% monthly active user retention on 8/29 (highest ever)

Most daily active users on 8/30

110% increase in App Store downloads (1.9k)

Joined the University of Tampa Spartan Incubator

Shu Omi (28.6k subscribers) chooses Twos as his “#1 App to Get Your Life Organized”

#1 App to Get Your Life Organized by Shu Omi

Sterling Miller (5.7k newsletter subscribers) chooses Twos as his “#1 Cool Tech for In-House Counsel”


Launched the iOS widget

Launched our user referral program

Design update for a more clean and intuitive feel

Added the ability to paste images on web

Launched a compact view for tags, to-dos, and stars


399 subscribers on YouTube / 402 followers on Twitter

3.6k followers on Medium

Updated our Discord community (over 450 members)

Released Don’t Panic, Use Twos blog (Readable demo)


Presented to Dr. Rebecca White’s masters of entrepreneurship class at the University of Tampa

Presented to the Embarc Collective Young Professionals Board

Met with Yesenia Sevilla, Director of the Wond’ry at Vanderbilt University

Met with Jeon Kang from NEA


Met with Drake Rehfeld from Day One Ventures

Met with Jacqui Deegan from Launch (Jason Calacanis’ Accelerator)

Applied to the Builder Program at Vanderbilt University

Here is what we are doing in September 2022…

Launch public profiles

Android performance improvements

Add events to your calendar from Twos

Content and marketing strategy

Build relationships with influencers

More blogs and videos

If you would like to chat with the Twos Guys you can reach Parker at 858–692–2898 or Joe at 904–654–3924.

Happy Twosday,

Twos Guys

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️

Creator of Twos ✌️ ( simply remember *things* Former Googler, programmer, reader, and writer