Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity by Charles Duhigg

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To motivate ourselves, we must feel like we are in control

People are more motivated to complete difficult tasks when those chores are presented as decisions rather than commands

When we start a new task, or confront an unpleasant chore, we should take a moment to ask ourselves “why.”

Teams succeed because of how they treat one another

It’s important that everyone on a team feels like they have a voice, but whether they actually get to vote on things or make decisions turns out not to matter much

Teams need to believe their work is important, personally meaningful, needs clear goals and defined roles, need to know they can depend on one another, and psychological safety

Leaders should not interrupt, demonstrate they are listening by summarizing what people say after they say it, admit what they don’t know, shouldn’t end a meeting until all team members have spoken at least once, encourage people who are upset to express their frustrations, encourage teammates to respond in nonjudgmental ways, and call out intergroup conflicts and resolve them through open discussion

Our attention span is guided by our intentions

Stretch goals serve as jolting events that disrupt complacency and promote new ways of thinking

No one goes to work wanting to suck. If you put people in a position to succeed, they will

Good employees are always the hardest asset to find. When everyone wants to stick around, you’ve got a pretty strong advantage

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