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Stay Productive with this Weekly Review

30-min weekly review inspired by Zen To Done (ZTD)

Stay Productive and Stress-free with a Weekly Review

The purpose of a weekly review:

  1. Clean your digital/physical workspace
  2. Update tasks
  3. Decide priorities

Here’s how to perform a weekly review (30 min)

1. Review your single yearly goal (5 min)

See what progress you made.

What action steps will move you forward this week?

2. Review your notes (5–10 min)

Look for unfinished to-dos.

Move notes to a better home.

3. Review your calendar (5 min)

Review last week for things to be carried forward or new tasks.

Look at the upcoming 4 weeks to plan ahead.

4. Review your lists (10 min)

Review your context lists, to-do lists, follow-ups, someday, and project lists.

List the important tasks you want to accomplish this week and schedule them.

5. Set your week goal and plan your big rocks (5–10 min)

Only put 1–2 tasks on each day.

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