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The Best App Nobody Knows About

How Twos ✌️ helps me simply remember *things*

What’s the app?

I’ve used Twos ✌️ ( every day for the past 6 years to remember my thoughts, goals, tasks, and information about people I love.

Twos is a crucial part of my life because it helps me stay calm, organized, and thoughtful. With Twos, I can simply remember *things*, which feels good.

Why is it the best?

I no longer worry about forgetting important *things* in my life. I no longer waste time looking for the information I need. I no longer waste time driving back to my house because I left my grocery list at home.

All of my information is in one place that is quick and easy to use when I have some*thing* to remember. I use Twos for daily notes, to-dos, reminders, calendar events, projects, writing, and more, making it the best app for my life.

Why does no one know about it?

I’ve been privately developing Twos for the past 6 years. I didn’t promote or share this gift with the world for two reasons.

First, I wanted it to be ready for people.

Second, I was working at Google and they wouldn’t allow me to promote a competitive product to their note application, Google Keep.

Hopefully, this changes soon…

I left my job at Google last year and am now working full-time on developing and sharing Twos.

My co-founder, Twos Joe, and I are on a mission to help people benefit from the best place to write *things* down. We want people to have a quick place to write, remember, and share any*thing.*

How you can help

Please use Twos to write, remember, and share *things.*

If you enjoy your experience, please share Twos with as many people as possible to help them live a calm, present, and thoughtful life.

Twos is ready to be the best app for people to rely on every day… and we will only continue to make it better and better.

Download Twos for free Today, use Twos on your computer at, and simply remember *things*.

Have a happy Twosday ✌️

Shared from Twos ✌️



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️


Building Twos ( to remember and share *things*. Programmer, reader, writer, Xoogler.