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The Best Place to Write *Things* Down

We all need the best place to write *things* down

Every day we have *things* going on.

The best way to remember *things* is to write them down.

Having a great place to write *things* down helps us stay calm, organized, and able to remember *things*.

Is there a BEST place to write *things* down?

The answer is finally “Yes.”

That place is called Twos and it is available for free on your computer, phone (iOS and Android), and as a chrome extension.

What makes Twos the best place to write *things*?

Twos is specifically designed for writing *things* down.

Other apps are designed for notes, tasks, reminders, events, calendars, docs, etc.

But these places leave our *things* all over the place.

Twos is a simple app organized for any *thing* you need to write down.

An example of *things* you can write in Twos

What are *things*?

*Things* can be any *thing* you want to remember.

Some *thing* you want to do (task), remember (thought/idea/event/reminder), or share (public list).

If it’s some *thing* you want to remember or share, it can be written in Twos.

Write, remember, and share any *thing* in Twos

What about Notion, Apple Notes, Things3, paper, etc.?

None of these platforms are designed for writing *things* down.

Notion is designed for “blocks,” docs, and folders and still doesn’t handle reminders, calendars, and to-dos in a simple way.

Apple Notes is designed only for “notes” so you need to create a new note for each *thing* which quickly becomes unorganized and you need to use other apps for reminders, events, and to-dos.

Things3 is designed only for to-dos, and not every *thing* you want to remember is a to-do.

Paper is great for *things*, but they are hard to share and revisit.

Twos is the only place specifically designed for writing *things* down.

A comparison of Twos vs other popular applications

Is it really the best?

If you stop and ask yourself, “Do I have the best place to write *things* down?” is your answer a resounding “yes?”

Twos is the first app and website designed to write *things* down making it the best place to write *things* down.

We have a lot of room to improve, but our north star will always be…

Build the best place to write, remember & share *things*

#SharedFromTwos ✌️

And to accomplish our mission…

Help people live better lives through writing, remembering & sharing *things*

#SharedFromTwos ✌️

Start writing *things* down today

Download Twos ✌️ for free

Use Twos ✌️ for free online

Download Twos ✌️ Chrome Extension

#SharedFromTwos ✌️



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Parker Klein ✌️

Parker Klein ✌️


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